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About Ms. Jacobs

Jill Jacobs is currently in her seventh year teaching public high school in the Bay area.

Ms. Jacobs comes from an extensive theatre background. She gained her Bachelor of Fine Arts from Cal State University Fullerton and worked professionally as a musical theatre actress in New York and Los Angeles for many years before teaching. Ms. Jacobs still performs from time to time with different theatre companies in San Francisco. 

Jill also has almost three decades of dance training under her belt. She has studied all forms of dance including Irish dance, jazz, tap, salsa, hip hop, modern, and ballet. She has also studied aerial dance and used to teach circus arts and aerial dance in Ventura, California, before moving to the Bay. 

Ms. Jacobs has experience teaching all grade levels in high school. She holds an English credential as well as a credential in dance and anthropology. She has experience directing, producing, and choreographing high school theatre. She also has several years of experience working with elementary and middle school students as well. 

Feel free to reach out for a professional resume by visiting the contact page!

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